Long ago and far away…

OK, so it wasn’t that long ago or that far away. In fact it was 2008 and it was right here in Richmond that Ron and Rachel Hughes got the ‘Model T bug’.  As the community was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Model T, they started thinking about buying a car.  Not just any car, a Model T Roadster!  When the fever was still burning a few months later, they began looking for a car  – but they didn’t have much luck finding one. They had nearly given up when, unbeknownst to Ron, Rachel found one.  She was determined to surprise Ron with it for their upcoming anniversary.

Just over a year after starting the search  — and with the help of members of Henry’s Hoosier’s Model T Club — she was able to Our 1924 Roadster Model T purchase a 1924 Roadster and get it to Richmond where she surprised Ron with it for their anniversary.

When Ron and Rachel were given the opportunity to acquire a quirky little deli in downtown Richmond, they felt it fit right in with their other passion and soon, The Tin Lizzie Café was born.




Our 1924 Model T Roadster